How to take advantage of mobile phones at your wedding!

Wedding Guests taking photos on their phones

We see it every day! Commuters engrossed in their mobile devices. Heads down during rush hour, thumbs rapidly scrolling through social media, barely dodging fellow oncoming pedestrians! We bet you’re even guilty of it! You’re probably reading this on your phone now, right? Right?!!!

But how do we feel about mobile phones at weddings? Would you want those little buggers clasped in your guest’s hands on your special day?

It’s a tough one! All of a sudden Aunty Carol thinks she’s a professional photographer as she makes her way down the aisle, snapping away while you say your vows!!

Dare we say it, it can be a pain! But it’s one of those inevitable things!

But, now there’s a way to take control of every Aunty Carol on your special day and use this digital era to your advantage!

Enter Scripin Weddings – the UK’s Leading Wedding App that allows you to see your wedding through the eyes of your friends and family.

Imagine having the power to control when your guests can and can’t take pictures at your wedding. If church photos are a no no that’s fine! The app will only allow guests to take photos where you want and when you want!!!

You’ll also have the ability to instantly view and download all of your guest photos in one place! So, you can spend less time chasing your photos and more time reliving them.

If privacy is your thing, you can also stop guests from sharing pictures and videos to social media. Leaving you with peace of mind that only selected people will be able to view your personal day. And did we mention that guests will have a special code that lets them into the app? See, extra secure!!

Still not convinced?! Head over to https://scripinweddings.com/features/ to see our full list of features.

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