Why you shouldn’t use a wedding hashtag #

Social media has become one of the most popular ways to share special moments in our lives, and your wedding day is no exception. It’s not surprising that using Instagram wedding hashtag are on the up, and you might think that they are the only way to collect all your guest’s photos in one place, but there’s so much that could go wrong with a wedding hashtag!

You can’t control what gets shared with a wedding hashtag

Giving your guests free reign by sharing their snapshots at your wedding could be a risky business. Yes, your guests are likely to share lovely photos of your first dance, or you walking down the aisle to your wedding hashtag, but as the night goes on, there might be some less-than-flattering images popping up on your feed. With Scripin Weddings you can set up privacy controls, and delete and unflattering images you don’t want the world to save!

Your wedding photos will be public

Anyone who follows your guests on Instagram will be able to share in your special day and see your wedding photos. Some brides want to save the surprise of their dress for their evening guests, or for their own social media feeds; but when your guests share pre-emptively, that surprise is ruined. Scripin Weddings only shares your photos to anyone logged into the app with your unique event code – so you can control who sees your photos!

Your Wedding Hashtag might not be uniquely yours

It’s really difficult to come up with a unique wedding hashtag that no one has used before. There’s no guarantee that your wedding hashtag feed won’t get clogged up with other content from people not at your wedding. You don’t want to have to sift through to find your guests photos, as it takes all the ease out of getting your guests photos in one place. Scripin Weddings gives you a unique six-digit code, which is created purely for your wedding.

You’ll have bad quality photos

Instagram is made for mobile viewing only. Which means if you want to download or print your wedding photos, the quality and size are going to be poor and small. If you or your guests want the photos to be printed to create long-lasting memories, you’ll lose out on image quality. Scripin Weddings stores your guest’s photos in print-ready quality, meaning that you’ll be able to download and print your images without that blurry, pixilated effect.

You might not see all the photos

Your guests might not want to flood their Instagram feeds with ALL the images they take only our big day, so as not to annoy their followers. While using an Instagram hashtag might mean you see a few nice photos from your guests, you won’t see every image they’ve taken. Scripin Weddings makes it easy to upload from camera roll, both during and after the wedding so you can see all the photos in one place!

DIY Wedding Ideas

There’s no question that your wedding day is going to be one of the most expensive days of your life. From venues to the dress, there’s a lot to budget for and buy. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now at an all-time high, at a whopping £27k!

A good way to save a chunk of your wedding expenses is to go DIY. The do-it-yourself trend has soared in popularity over the past few years as wedding prices have gone up and up. Now 80% of couples expect to have some kind of DIY element in their big day, according to a survey by Bridebox. 

There are tons of aspects of your wedding you can choose to do-it-yourself. Pinterest and wedding blogs are a great source of inspiration. One of the most popular aspects of your wedding to DIY is your wedding décor and table decorations – we’ve rounded up some of our favourite DIY wedding projects to help you save money on your big day.

DIY Wedding Lettered Banners

A fun way to add a touch of personalisation to your wedding décor is a lettered banner. You can use this DIY wedding project to spell out anything that takes your fancy! We love the glittered effect, and you can mix this up by using different colour glitter or plain paint to match your wedding colour scheme and theme.

Get the full tutorial here

DIY Wedding Glow Jars

Looking for a super simple DIY to add a romantic touch to your wedding day? All you need is some LED lights and some mason jars to bring some beautiful lighting to your wedding tables. This is also a great DIY wedding idea for outdoor weddings, as it will light up your venue as the sun goes down.

Grab the how-to here

DIY Wedding Gold Painted Balloons

Add a touch of luxe to some simple store-bought balloons by adding some metallic paint. Gold paint can transform a balloon into a stylish addition to your table centrepieces or venue decoration. Remember to keep them away from anything sharp!

Has this DIY wedding idea blown you away? Find out how-to here

DIY Wedding Scrabble

Board Game connoisseurs will love this DIY wedding idea. You can buy scrabble letters cheap online from craft sites, and use them to create unique and cute place settings. The prize goes to the person whose name has the highest word score!

Find out more here

DIY Wedding Floral Chandelier

Time for the showstopper. If you want a dramatic floral arrangement at your wedding, but can’t afford the prices of your florist, you can DIY a beautiful floral chandelier. This one will take a little more patience and skill, but the results are well worth the effort.

Find out more here

Scripin Weddings Table Cards and Invitation Inserts

The easiest way to add an element of DIY to your wedding is to print items where possible. A massive 57% of couples choose to print aspects like their menu cards, invitations and place settings at home. Scripin Weddings offers stylish table cards and invitation inserts that are available for unlimited printing at home from just £9.99. They contain all the information that your guests need to start using Scripin Weddings to help you get all your guests’ photos in one place – stress-free!

Find out more

Have we convinced you to try the DIY wedding trend? Head over to our Pinterest for more inspiration, and don’t forget to tag #scripinweddings in your creations so we can see!

Scripin Weddings Tablecards

If you’ve set up your Scripin Weddings event, you might be wondering how to get your guests to download the app to make sure you’re getting all the photos from your wedding day! Our Tablecards are the perfect way to get your guests snapping, with minimal effort on your part. They’re super easy to order from your Scripin Weddings account, and we have a range of stylish designs to choose from…


Simple and chic, our Classic Design is for anyone who wants a blank slate with their table cards or invitation inserts. Adorned with your event code and instructions for your guests, this design is the plain and simple way to get your guests downloading the app.

Blush Confetti

You can’t have a wedding without confetti! Our blush confetti table cards are great if you want to jazz up your table setting. Blush Confetti works best with a pastel colour scheme, or reds and pinks!

Wild Rose

Beach wedding or summer floral vibes match perfectly with our wild rose design. This light blue design is simple yet elegant and its light colours are perfect for a summer outdoor wedding.


Purple wedding colour schemes are totally on trend this year (it’s the 2018 colour of the year, after all). If you’re planning a winter or an autumn weather, this darker colour is a great combination with cosy candles and winter florals.


Illumination is a vibrant design which would go perfectly with a bright colour scheme. The turquoise design will stand out beautifully at your table settings. Like all our designs, it includes information about your Scripin Weddings app and instructions for your guests.

A luxe design perfect for that ‘gastby’ feel, Spanish mosaic is the design for you if you’re hosting a glamorous wedding. Metalic golds will go perfectly with other metals and copper colours, to really set off your wedding table settings.

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration

There’s nowhere better than Pinterest to get wedding inspiration from. Here at Scripin Weddings, we love using it to pull together beautiful wedding ideas to inspire and help you with your wedding planning!


Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for your bridal makeup! If you’re not familiar with the techniques used, your Pinterest mood board can be a great starting point to show your makeup artist at your trial. Doing your make up yourself? Pinterest can also be a treasure trove of how-tos and step by step guides to getting that look perfect.


Wedding Hair Inspiration

From boho braids to sleek buns, Pinterest is a never-ending source of hairspiration. Similarly, to your makeup, your hairstylist will expect you to bring some photos of your ideas behind your wedding day hair. Our Pinterest Wedding Day Hair board has some great ideas to inspire you and get your hair looking 100% on your big day.Wedding Pinterest boards


Wedding Dress Inspiration

Finally, you’ll want inspiration for the main event, your wedding dress! There’s so many different styles, colours and materials to choose from, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Pinterest is a great place to start, before you hit the bridal boutiques, to get an idea of the styles you like and what will suit you. Make sure you check out the rest of our Wedding Pinterest boards to get inspiration for your big day!

If you want to have a look at this years trends, take a look at our blog post for more ideas!

Do you need a bridesmaid?


Choosing who you want your bridesmaids to be can be one of the most stressful things about planning a wedding. But do you really need bridesmaids?

It’s a traditional aspect of every wedding, but if you simply can’t choose between your friends, or you’re simply considering not having any bridesmaids, here are five reasons why that might be the way to go:


  1. Decisions, Decisions

If you have a large group of friends you might be finding it hard to choose a smaller number for your bridesmaid squad without causing any arguments, or you might not be able to choose at all, meaning you could be dealing with a massive group of bridesmaids to manage!


  1. Added Costs

Everything in your wedding day will add up, and bridesmaid’s costs are no exception. You may feel obligated to pay for their dresses, as well as hair and makeup for the day. If you’re planning a budget-friendly wedding, no bridesmaids could be the way to go


  1. Too many opinions

Having your best mates around on your wedding day can be a great experience – or a total nightmare! Choosing dresses, organizing hen parties and everything else can be stressful when you’re trying to keep a group of bridesmaids with 100 different ideas happy. To save the drama of the group WhatsApp chat arguments, consider just focusing on yourself!



  1. You don’t want a traditional wedding

If you’re doing away with other classic wedding traditions, such as traditional vows and being given away, why not shake off the tradition of a bridal party?


  1. You want your friends to have fun

Perhaps your no.1 priority is that your besties don’t feel the pressure. By having no bridesmaids, you can let them sit back and enjoy your wedding day, without any big responsibilities.


Want some inspiration for an outdoor wedding, check out this blog post for some fantastic ideas!

Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

A wedding day beauty emergency is the worst nightmare of any bride to be. Your wedding day is the day you’ll want to look your absolute best. But beauty disasters can strike at any time, and your wedding day is no exception. To prepare you for any eventuality, here’s the top 5 beauty emergencies brides-to-be worry about, and how to fix them.

Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #1: Puffy Eyes

Whether it’s caused by hay fever and allergies, or you’ve had a case of the happy tears, no bride wants puffy eyes on her wedding day. A quick way to fix this to raid your kitchen for two teaspoons. Pop them in the freezer until they’re cold, then hold them to your eyelids. The cold temperature helps to drain fluid from around your eyes, to reduce puffiness.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #2: Breakouts

The first rule of breakouts – don’t pick, squeeze or touch! It will only make your skin look worse, and it will be harder to cover up with makeup. The best way to hide a monster spot on your wedding day? Ice it to reduce swelling and redness, apply some acne treatment cream, and use a waterproof concealer to hide it.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #3: Running Mascara

Even the best waterproof mascara can fail at the worst of times. If you discover black streaks on your cheeks halfway through your big day, simply get a paper towel and wipe it lightly under your eyes, and cover with foundation.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #4: Breaking a nail

A chipped or broken nail is the last thing you want on your wedding day! Carefully use a nail file to file down the broken nail without removing your nail varnish. If all else fails – hide your nail behind your flowers during the photographs!


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #5: Dark Circles

No one wants to look like they need a few extra hours sleep on their wedding day! Dark circles can make us look exhausted, so if you wake up with panda eyes, use a brightening eye cream that uses caffeine to wake up your skin, and blend a waterproof concealer under your eyes to cover the darkness.

How to budget for your wedding

How to budget for your wedding

Setting a budget for your wedding is one of the first things you’ll have to think about after you get engaged. It can be a stressful task! Luckily we’ve put together our top five tips to help you budget for your wedding.

1 –  Who is helping?

The first step in setting a budget for your wedding is working where your wedding budget is coming from. If you’re lucky enough to have family who can contribute towards your wedding, it’s useful to sit down together and work out how much they are willing to give you.

Traditionally the bride’s parents would foot the bill, but nowadays that’s an old-fashioned notion.  Most couples prefer to pay themselves, with both sets of parents helping out.  It’s worth sitting down with both sets of parents and asking them how much they are able to contribute, or perhaps asking them to finance a specific aspect of your wedding, such as your photographer or wedding dress.

2 – How much can you afford to spend?

Sit down with your partner and figure out how much you can both contribute and save between now and your wedding date. So many aspects of your wedding will rely on your budget, including guest list size – many venues have cost per head; your wedding location; and your wedding style. You should start saving as soon as your engaged – around 20% of your income if you can manage it. Limit your weekly treats for an easy way to save each month!

4 – Put aside a contingency budget

Aim to put aside 8-15% of your wedding budget for emergencies. It’s easy to overspend or go over budget without realising, so having a buffer is an easy way to keep calm if the situation arises. IT’s also nice to have a little extra for aspects you might have forgotten to budget for, or decide you’d like to spend a little more on.

5 – Put around 50% towards your venue.

Your wedding venue is going to be the most expensive aspect of your wedding (unless you are having an at-home wedding of course!) The rule that tends to work for most weddings is to put around 50% of your budget towards your venue. This should cover hire fee, food and drinks.

6- Be realistic and stay on budget

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re scrolling Pinterest, visiting wedding fairs and shopping around. But remember to be realistic with your browsing, and to stay on budget. The worst situation to be in is to fall in love with a dress, or a cake and realise it’s 10x your allocated budget! If you stick to looking within your budget, you can save yourself the heartache.

Remember, Scripin Weddings is completely FREE for you and your guests, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs when creating your wedding photo sharing app. Have you considered the savings you can make on your wedding photographer?

Printed Products from Scripin Weddings

Printed Products from Scripin Weddings

The pictures from your wedding are going to be some of the most memorable photographs you’ll have taken of you in your life. Not only is the most special day being captured, but all your photographs will have you surrounded by your friends, family and loved ones. Why not order printed products?

After the excitement of seeing your photographs for the first time however, and perhaps sharing a few online and on social media, many of those special moments will just stay on a USB, or on an online album, not to be seen again.

When you use the Scripin Weddings app to see all the fun and informal moments from your wedding, you also have the chance to create personalised photo gifts and products, perfect for imortilising that special day, and giving you something to look back on and remember.

Here are some of our favourite products on offer to remember that special day:


Perfect for flipping through and remembering all the key moments of your wedding day, our photobooks are the ideal wedding keepsake if you’re looking for a traditional photo album.

Starting from £22.99


Mix and match and create a collage with our photo squares. Fun and pocket sized, these photo squares are a great way to create a gallery wall of moments, or to scrapbook your wedding day

Starting from £6.99


For a traditional wall decoration, try our canvas prints. Available in a number of sizes, if you want to display your wedding moments in your home, this is the perfect product for you.

Starting from £39.99

Framed Poster

If you want something that can be framed, our poster prints are a great alternative to our canvas prints.


How to order?

Simply click the print icon in the Scripin Weddings app, and follow the steps to create your personalised printed products. Watch the video below to find out more!



Where to watch the Royal Wedding

The Wedding of the year is finally here! That’s right, Harry and Meghan are tying the knot this weekend, so there’s never been a better excuse for a celebration! Here at Scripin Weddings we’ve got Royal Wedding Fever, but if you don’t fancy camping out in to Windsor to catch a glimpse of the new Royal couple – here’s the lowdown of where to watch the Royal Wedding in style.

Where to watch the royal wedding

Tobacco Dock Skylight
For an utterly British experience, watch the Royal Wedding while getting a few rounds of Croquet in. Skylight in Tobacco Dock is a converted former carpack which now plays host to three floors of bars and street food in the summer months – together with games of Croquet and pétanque. They’ll be streaming the Royal Wedding on their big screens, so lets hope for sun and spot on their lawn.

The sun came out, just in time for tonight’s Summer Season launch party! 🌞

A post shared by Skylight (@skylight_london) on

Winchester Cathedral

If a grand venue is your cup of tea, Winchester Cathedral is opening it’s doors to show the Royal Wedding. Screens will stream the event from 1pm in the Cathedral Nave, with activities such as Morris dancing and a bouncy castle to amuse the family until 5pm!

Dreamland Margate

Pssst – Fiances and husbands to be who rather be watching the football – Dreamland Margate are combining the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final at their Dreamland Street Party! Watch either event on the big screen, then celebrate afterwards with table football, and bounce around in the inflatable church. Bring a plate of food for a street party vibe!

Market Square Cambridge

Royal fans in Cambridge can head to Market Square to enjoy a traditional British street party alongside outdoor screens showing the wedding. Expect lots of bunting, street food and popup shops!

Swingers London

Swingers West End will also be screening the Royal Wedding, with a game of crazy golf to amuse you if the nupituals don’t take your fancy. The screening will begin from 12pm, with cocktails such as the “make your markle” on offer.

Win with Scripin Weddings!

We want to hear how you’re spending the Royal Wedding! Comment on our Facebook Post for a chance to win a royal afternoon tea for two!

Why should you use a photo sharing app at your Hen or Stag?

Why should you use a photo sharing app at your Hen or Stag?

We all know why you should use a photo sharing app like Scripin at your wedding, but have you thought about using one for your Hen or Stag party?

If you have an event created for your wedding, Scripin Weddings also offers unlimited events – meaning you can use the app to collect all the images from your hen and stags. This is a separate event with its own unique code – but why should you use a photo sharing app for these events?

See all the photos

You’ll be able to see all your photos from your Hen or Stag party in one place. Perfect for sore heads the morning after, you won’t miss out on any memories as they’ll all be collected in the app.

Private Event Code

Social media sharing is great, but not everyone wants to share the risqué photos from their hen or stag party online. With Scripin Weddings you get a private event code – separate from your wedding event – so only your fellow hens and stags can see all the photographic evidence…

Order Printed Products

You might want to order some keepsakes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, such as a phone case, photo prints or even t-shirts! With our simple and easy in-app ordering, you can create personalised photo products using the images from your Hen and Stag.

Need another reason to use Scripin on your Hen?

We’re giving away a Hen Party bundle to one lucky winner on social media. Head to our Facebook page: Scripin Weddings – The UK’s Leading Free Photo and Video App for Weddings for your chance to WIN. Good Luck!