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2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

If you’re throwing a 2018 wedding, you might be wondering what the latest wedding trends of the year are. With the year well underway, and wedding season coming up, you’re probably in full planning mode, and will want to keep in mind the popular and hottest wedding trends of 2018, for a day you, your partner and your guests will remember! Here are our top trends for weddings in 2018 to keep in mind while you plan your big day:

Dessert Tables

Sweet teeth, listen up! One of the hottest trends this year for wedding food is all about the sweet stuff. 2018 has paved the way for smaller cakes and treats taking over the role of the traditional wedding cake. This way you can treat yourself (and your guests!) to a variety of flavours and types of dessert. Think cookies, meringues, cupcakes, doughnuts!

Hanging Flowers

Flowers are taking over as the way to make a statement with your wedding décor in 2018, and a hanging floral centrepiece is the hottest wedding trend this year. Hanging flowers in your weddings colour scheme over your top table is an easy way to incorporate this trend, or you might want to use classic hanging planters to create a focal point.

Black Accents

One of the biggest bridalwear trends of 2018 is a surprising one. More and more bridal designers are moving away from the classic white dress, and working black into their designs. A full black wedding dress might not be your first choice, but how about working black accents into your bridal look? Tie the colour into your jewellery, dress accents or other accessories for a subtle way to rock this trend.


Move over rose gold, the most popular metallic in 2018 is copper. This bright hue is a great way to bring a touch of industrial rustic to your wedding décor, but can also look pretty combined with florals and pastel colours. There are endless ways you can incorporate this trend into your wedding theme, from copper cutlery and decorations to add the colour to your wedding stationery.

Are you thinking about having any 2018 wedding trends in your wedding? Head to our forums to discuss with other real brides!

Beer Budget Champagne Lifestyle?

The average wedding dress in the UK costs £842, but who said wedding shopping needed to be expensive?

We’ve handpicked some of the best high street wedding dresses that will still make you look 1000000 bucks – without the price tag! So you can spend the extra cash on extra booze or order some photo prints through our app.























Would you wear a high street wedding dress? Join the conversation on the Scripin Weddings Forum!

Mothers and Weddings

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, it’s time to celebrate everything to do with mother’s and weddings. Whether you’re wondering how to share your special day with your mum, or if you’re a mother of the bride wondering what your duties on the big day are, we’ve got everything you need to know.

How to involve your Mum in your Wedding Day

You might be caught up in everything you need to do on your wedding day, but don’t forget this is a special day for your Mother too! There are lots of little ways you can make your mum feel involved in your wedding day, to ensure it’s a memorable day for all:

Make sure your mum is involved from the start by getting ready together. Having your mum around while you have a morning of pampering will help keep away any feelings of nervousness and butterflies. You’ve both worked hard to organise everything so take this time to relax together and look forward to the day ahead.

Make sure your mum is involved in having her hair done, and getting her make up done with the bridesmaids. While your getting ready, pour a glass of something bubble and raise a toast to your mother. She’s been the one to help you get to this point in your life, so why not take this opportunity to show her how much she means to you?

At some point during the day, make sure you take some time out with your mother and photographer to have some pictures of you and your mum together. A great time to do this is while you’re getting reading on your wedding morning. This way your photographer will naturally capture all the special moments you have with your mother before the action begins!

Mother of the Bride Checklist

The mother of the bride is expected to stay calm during the big day and help keep the little things under control. There’s a lot that will be expected during your big day, but remember you are important during this day too!

As the Mother of the Bride you should be the first of the bridal party to arrive at the ceremony. Make sure you leave ahead of the bride, with the maid of honour. This way you can arrive ahead of time to make sure everything is set up and looking perfect for your daughter’s best day. You should usually be escorted up the aisle by the chief usher and sit on the front row at the left hand side.

Ususally the mother of the bride and the father of the groom are the ones to sign the register at a church wedding. Once the couple are offcially announced husband and wife, you will be escorted by the groom’s father to the vestry for this. If your daughter has no maid of honour you will also be the one to look after the bride’s bouquet while the ceremony is taking place. This is the moment to return it to your daughter ready for the final procession out of the church.

Traditionally, you are the official hostess of your daughter’s wedding, so try to welcome the guests when they arrive, and make sure people are being looked after!

No matter how you choose to include your Mother in your wedding day, or celebrate your daughter getting married, relax, have fun, and enjoy this special day!

Head to our forums to get more inspiration and to discuss your ideas with other real brides!

I’m ENGAGED?! What now?!

So you’re engaged!! It’s such an exciting time and many questions are probably running through your head. Should I get a wedding planner? Should I visit any wedding fairs? Should I invite my mother in law to be? The answer is yes, yes, yes! Well maybe no to the last one! Just kidding, but seriously wedding planning can be overwhelming and we think visiting wedding fairs are an awesome way to make your whole planning experience fun and worthwhile.

Here are our top 9 reasons why you should attend as many fairs as you can!

  1. Meet Amazing Suppliers

Forget scheduling a million consultations – you can meet them ALL over the weekend! Get face to face with venues, caterers and entertainers so you can get a better idea of what suits you and your partner best.

2. Get loads of Wedding Inspo

You will meet 100’s of vendors and suppliers at wedding fairs – all with their own special and unique touch. It’s the perfect opportunity to see décor, favour or food ideas that you wouldn’t have initially thought of.

  1. Get loads of freebies

Everyone will be luring you towards their stand with lovely little gifts so why not take advantage of that! From edibles, to helpful planning tools, you’ll be gifted for signing up or committing to their products or services.

  1. Taste cake. Lots of it!

Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate and Fruit cake. Lemon, Carrot, Coconut and Lime. Pink Champagne, Cherry and Cream, Vanilla and Pimm’s!

Ok, we’ll stop! But with so many flavours to choose from, why not taste them all under the same roof!

  1. Ask Questions

Going to wedding fairs puts you in a great position to meet wedding experts and ask those burning questions! You can get advice on your perfect dress, event styling and attend seminars designed to help you with your planning experience.

  1. It’s an excuse to go out with the girls

Grab your bridesmaids (if you’ve already chosen them) and make a day of it!

It’s a great excuse to get together and have a girly day out.

  1. You’ll be surprised at how many exclusive discounts you can get

Wedding fairs can be competitive for exhibitors so many of them will offer you exclusive offers that won’t be available outside of the fair. It’s a great way to stick to your budget and get what you want for a better price.

  1. You get to see On- Trend Fashion Shows

One of the best things about wedding shows are the actual shows! Watch stunning brides take to the catwalk to strut the latest bridal trends. It’s a great way to see how dresses actually fit without trying 100 on! And if you worried about your hub-to-be, don’t be! Groomed models also show off the latest suits. It’s your last chance for a bit of eye-candy!!

  1. It’s FUN!

Do we need to explain this?!

Fancy getting exclusive freebies and discounts from us? Come and visit us at The National Wedding Show:

  1. London Olympia

             16-17 February 2018

  1. Birmingham NEC
    • February 2018
  1. Manchester

9th – 11th March  

  1. London Excel

14th– 15th April

Valentines Restaurant



Now that January is finally over we can all start looking forward to the most nerve-wracking, yet romantic day of the year!

If you’re in a relationship you won’t have to worry about the “Will he ask?” Or “Which of my girls are single?” questions – chances are he’s probably started planning already! Ok that’s a stretch!

For us singletons, celebrating Valentine’s Day is only a dream and since we aren’t bitter we’ve put together some lovely restaurants you can visit – if you can get him to book the table in time!

  1. STK

  1. Sarasto

  1. Tarshish

  1. Coppa Club Igloos



Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Valentine’s day is perhaps one of the most romantic times of the year, and more and more couples are incorporating Valentine’s Day wedding ideas into their big day. After all, with everyone feeling the love, what better time to have your wedding?

Valentine’s Day dates as far back to the year 496, although it wasn’t until the 18th century that it became synonymous with cards, gifts and tokens of love. Now, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe as a day to celebrate all kinds of love – the perfect theme to incorporate into your wedding day.

Here are our top ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding:


Red roses are the de-facto florals for Valentine’s Day, and using these in your bridal bouquet and floral centrepieces will have your guests swooning. Pink hues are a great alternative if you want to nod towards the holiday in a subtler way,


Chocolates, candy and all things sugar coated – you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without indulging in your sweet tooth. We love the idea of a sweet or chocolate station. Think love hearts and chocolate coated strawberries, alongside pink champagne and pink lemonade. As for the cake? Red Velvet, obviously.


Dressing your bridesmaids in dusty pinks is a beautifully on-trend way to show a little Valentine’s appreciation for your wedding. If you’re feeling bold, why not choose bright red bridesmaid’s dresses to contrast to your white gown?


Valentine’s Day means hearts are everywhere and your wedding venue doesn’t have to be an exception. Embrace the day of love with heart-shaped balloons and banners. We love the idea of using pages from your favourite love story to create paper garlands!

However you choose to incorporate these Valentine’s Day wedding ideas into your day, we’d love to see your photos! Use #ScripinWeddings to share with us. Head to our forums to get more inspiration and to discuss your ideas with other real brides!

Scripin Weddings at Bride: The Wedding Show

Wedding season is fast approaching, and we’re kicking off 2018 with a tour of the best wedding fairs across the country! First on the list? Bride: The Wedding Show at Tatton Park.

Bride: The Wedding Show

Bride: The Wedding Show is in its 16th year, and we’re excited to come and meet Cheshire’s budding brides to be! In between popping to the champagne bar, and watching the catwalk show, come and visit us at Stand 121!

We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have about Scripin Weddings and how it can make your wedding day even more memorable. PLUS everyone who signs up for a FREE Scripin Weddings account will receive a Scripin Weddings goodie bag, and entry into our draw to win a very special prize. You also can try out our app and get a hands-on look at our great features!

See you there!

Pantone 2018 Colour of The Year: Five ways to rock an ultra violet wedding

Ultra Violet Wedding Colour Scheme

Since Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year has been announced, an ultra violet wedding colour scheme has become the hottest trend this year. There’s no better colour to incorporate into your wedding. Hues of purple, lilac and violet add a modern touch to any colour scheme.

Said to symbolise experimentation, boldness and non-conformity, Ultra Violet is perfect for those quirky and unique couples looking to create a wedding that thinks outside the box. It’s deep and mystical hue will certainly catch eyes! We’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas to incorporate this colour into your wedding to help inspire you:



The dark tones of violet flowers perfectly complement winter greens and rich pinks for a bold bouquet. Mostly neutral hues paired with a few ultra violet stems can give a bright touch of colour to a lighter floral arrangement.

Groomsmen Details


Let your groom and groomsmen rock the ultra violet trend with their outfit details. Small touches such as a bold tie or purple flowers pinned on a lapel can add a colourful accent to a basic suit.

Bridesmaids Dresses

ultra violet wedding bridesmaids

An all ultra violet squad might be a little too much for some brides. Those not dead-set on their ‘maids all wearing the same dress, can dress them in different hues of purple for a subtler way to incorporate the trend.

Wedding Invitations

ultra violet wedding invitations

Pairing violet paper with gold lettering can give a luxurious feel to your wedding invitations. For something a little simpler, we love the vintage effect purple ink has on white or cream paper.



An ultra violet wedding cake might not be your first instinct, but it can be a great way to factor your food into your colour scheme. Instead of all-out purple icing, try a naked tiered cake with simple violet flower details – a beautifully rustic effect.

Have you tried an ultra violet wedding? Tag us @scripinweddings in your photos with the #scripinweddings for a chance to be featured on our social media feeds!


Reasons to use a Wedding Photo Sharing App

You’re never going to be more photographed then on your wedding day. In fact, during the average wedding around 3000 photos are taken! That means that a photo is snapped by one of your guests every six seconds, and more if you have a big wedding! So how can you keep track of all those photographs?

A wedding photo sharing app is the perfect way to keep track of all those candid photos and videos taken on your special day. Scripin Weddings is the UK’s leading photo & video app for weddings. We offer a range of fun and useful features to make your wedding day even more memorable. Here are our top five reasons why you need a wedding photo sharing app:


Reasons to use a Wedding Photo Sharing App

You’ll see ALL the photos taken during your wedding.

Out of those 3000 photos taken at the average wedding, only a third are ever shared online. That means you could be missing up to 2000 moments of your big day! When images are shared online, it’s nearly impossible to collect all the photos in one place. Your guests could upload them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat or even not share them at all. With Scripin Weddings you can create your wedding event and invite all your guests to upload and take photos using our free app. Every single photo and video is saved to your event, letting you experience every moment of your wedding.

Private Event Codes

Social media explodes whenever a wedding takes place. Wedding hashtags and social media albums have become more and more popular over the years. It’s great that your family and friends want to share your special day, but you might not want all their followers to see their snapshots of you. Scripin Weddings generates a unique event code for your wedding – and only people with this code can access and share photos. You can also control social media sharing if you’d rather keep your wedding offline.


Order photo products easily

Photo keepsakes are a beautiful way to remember your special day. Scripin Weddings differs from other wedding photo sharing app as we offer a range of professional-quality printed products. Prints, canvases, photobooks and more are available to order. It’s super easy to order straight from the Scripin Weddings app, and your guests can also order products featuring their favourite photos from your wedding day.

Share your wedding day with long-distance friends and family

Weddings are a great time to share with your loved ones, but sometimes not everyone you’d like can be there. Anyone you give your unique Scripin Weddings event code to can view photos and video taken at your wedding. Those friends or family who cannot attend your wedding can still experience the day with you through the app.

Add filters and stickers to photos

Scripin Weddings lets you add filters and stickers to your images, giving a whole new layer of personalisation. Your guests will enjoy the added entertainment from creating their own fun images!

How to take advantage of mobile phones at your wedding!

Wedding Guests taking photos on their phones

We see it every day! Commuters engrossed in their mobile devices. Heads down during rush hour, thumbs rapidly scrolling through social media, barely dodging fellow oncoming pedestrians! We bet you’re even guilty of it! You’re probably reading this on your phone now, right? Right?!!! Continue reading “How to take advantage of mobile phones at your wedding!”