Unique ways to display your wedding photos

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life – and the photos from your wedding allow you to look back on that special moment and relive the memories. A wedding is one of the occasions where everyone will be snapping away and taking photographs, and it’s a shame to not display all those happy memories in your home. It’s so easy to let those photos get lost in the digital world, and only keep them on our phones or on social media. There’s a ton of ways you can display wedding photos in your home, that are a little more unique than the standard framed print. Here’ sour top ways to display your wedding photos in your home

Mason Jar Photos

A different way to display wedding photos is by using mason jars. They’re a simple and easy way to create beautiful decorations using your wedding photos. Simply use photo prints and put them inside mason jars, and decorate with led lights and florals. You can order photo prints straight from the Scripin Weddings app.

Photo Shapes

Create an eye-catching photo display using photo prints or polaroid images. You can arrange your photos into different shapes and patterns, such as hearts, stars, squares and circles. This a great solution to display a number of photos in an interesting way.

Photos on rope

For a DIY feel, make your own photo lines by hanging rope and attaching your photo prints to them. You can make this more interesting by attaching fairy lights, and also keepsakes from your wedding such as your invitations or order of ceremonies.


For a conversation starter, a photo book is a great way to display wedding photos. You can create your own photo book from your favourite images in the Scripin Weddings app, to tell a story of the moments on your wedding day.

Gallery Wall

Want a statement to display wedding photos in your home? Gallery walls are increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to take traditional framed images and make them modern. You can create a large gallery of images or just choose a small area of your home to display your photos.

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Photo Editing Apps

If you’re taking photos at a wedding, you’ll want them to be the best possible quality possible. Luckily, we now all carry a handy camera combined with the latest photo editing software available – yes we’re talking about your smartphone. There’s a whole host of photo editing apps out there to help your wedding snapshots look the best they possibly can. Here are our top five photo editing apps to improve your wedding photos


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps that’s perfect for basic photo editing. There’s a vast selection of basic editing tools you’d expect like exposure, cropping and colour; but you can also airbrush out flaws or unwanted objects from your photos or create your own filters to name a few of this app’s more advanced features.


VSCO’s main draw is that it offers a vast amount of filters that make your photos look like they’ve been taken on film. This can be great for giving your wedding photo’s that vintage look. You can control the strength of the filters so if you’re just looking for a subtle effect, this is achievable

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 stands out due to it’s advanced features. If you know your way around a photo editing app already, this is the one for you. You can change curves, selective colour, gradients and blends for a more advanced photo editing experience.

Adobe Lightroom CC

If you know your way around Adobe products, then Adobe Lightroom is the app for you. It’s great for both quick edits and more advanced features like colour mix and curves. You can also sync up to Adobe Creative Cloud to track your edits across your devices.

Scripin Weddings

You didn’t think we wouldn’t include Scripin Weddings in this list, did you? Our app not only collects all your guests’  photos in one place, but it also lets you edit your photos before uploading. You can make basic photo edits, but also play around with filters and add fun stickers to your images.

Once you’ve edited all the amazing photographs from your wedding, why not show them off to the world? Scripin Weddings offers a great range of printed products in app – simply upload your photographs and design your personalised products.

Photo opportunities at your wedding

Photo opportunities are a given at a wedding, but you might be overwhelmed on your big day, and forget what moments you want to be captured. Luckily your guests will be on hand with their smartphones to snap away at any given moment, and if you’re using a photo sharing app you can easily view all your photos in one place.  Here’s a list of the top photo opportunities at your wedding, so you can spread the word amongst your guests!

  • The groom at the altar
  • The bridal party walking down the aisle
  • The bride walking down the aisle
  • The groom’s reaction to seeing the bride
  • The bride’s father giving her away
  • The bride and groom during the vow exchange
  • The newlyweds exchanging a kiss
  • The bride and groom walking up the aisle
  • The bride and groom making their entrance at the reception
  • The bride and groom greeting guests
  • The bride and groom’s first dance
  • The bride dancing with her dad
  • The groom dancing with his mum
  • The guests dancing
  • The toasts
  • The cake cutting
  • The bride throwing her bouquet
  • The groom removing the bride’s garter
  • The garter toss
  • The bride and groom leaving the reception


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Phone Wedding Photography Tips

Phone Wedding Photography Tips

It’s 2018, and a phone is a constant companion that’s always in our hands, bags or pockets. We can look up trivia, keep in touch with anyone around the world – and most importantly, take photos. Smartphones have become the easiest way to capture the moments around us, especially at a wedding. There’s up to 3000 photos taken at the average UK wedding, and the majority of these will be taken on smartphones. If you’re heading to a wedding this year, why not brush up on your phone wedding photography skills to make sure you get some high-quality images to share with the bride and groom.

Lighting is key

The key to a truly excellent photo is the lighting. The right lighting can transform an average photograph into a great one. Phone wedding photography won’t come out as as good as cameras in low lighting conditions, so  make sure you look around you and check where the light is coming from in the wedding venue, whether it’s a window, overhead lighting, or even the direct sunshine. How the light hits your subject will have a huge impact of how your photo’s turn out – having the light in front of them is the best choice for a flattering image.

Don’t Zoom

One of the main detriments to a great smartphone photo is the zoom. If you want to get closer to something, always move your phone closer rather than relying on the zoom. This is because most smartphones rely on a ‘digital’ rather than an ‘optical’ zoom. This means that the image is cropped down to a smaller size to zoom, making the image a poorer resolution and resulting in a loss of quality.

Clean your lens

A simple but forgotten rule – make sure the glass on your smartphone’s lens is clean. A smudged lens can make an image look low quality and blurred. Cleaning the lens can give a sharper view and a better quality – which is what you need if you want to make those wedding memories last forever.

Keep it steady

Just like a regular camera, your smartphone camera needs to have a steady hand. Using the buttons on the side of your phone for the shutter, if possible, will result in a steadier image. You can even invest in a Bluetooth shutter release if you want a truly still and focused image. Don’t forget to tap focus to make sure your image is the best possible quality.

Play with exposure

Most people forget about the exposure settings on their phone cameras, but it’s one of the most important things to consider. Adjusting your exposure will help you get a higher quality image, and give you more control over how they turn out.

Don’t forget about composition

A phone photograph doesn’t need to be a quick throwaway snapshot. Take some time to compose your images. Most phone cameras come with a grid to help you use the ‘rule of thirds’ and compose your images, or you can download a specialist app to help you. Think about symmetry, lines and colour when you’re taking your photographs, and they’ll come out better than a quick snapshot every time.


Finishing Touches for your Wedding

You’ve sorted the venue, chosen a wedding theme and brought that all important dress. Once you’ve sorted the bigger aspects of your wedding out, you might be wondering what else there is to organise. Here’s our top five last-minute finishing touches for your wedding to really bring your big day together and make it extra special.

If you’re stuck on your song list – why not let your guests choose? Include song request cards on your tables for a fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding, and help you make sure that your guests are really enjoying the music playing.

Instead of confetti, put bubbles on your tables for a fun and environmentally friendly alternative. Bubbles are always fun for kids and adults!

Consider a photo book guest book – provide polaroid cameras for your guests to snap a photo and write a lovely message underneath, to create a lovely memory book of your big day.

Provide flip flops for your guests for the end of the night when they might be suffering from sore feet. This is a great idea for summer or indoor weddings!

Finally, consider using a photo sharing app for an added element of fun during your wedding day. You can also order our personalized table cards so your guests have everything they need to know to get involved in the festivities!


How to print table cards for your wedding

We’ve told you before all about the benefits of using a photo sharing app at your wedding. If you’ve decided that you want to use a photo sharing app to get all your guest’s photos in one place, you might be wondering how exactly you’re going to get your guests to download and use the app.

When you use Scripin Weddings, we generate beautifully designed table cards and invitation inserts with all the information your guests need to download and use the app. By simply putting these on your wedding tables, and including them in your wedding invitations, you’ll save yourself the hassle and stress of having to explain to each of your guests just why and how they should download the app – meaning more time for you to enjoy your big day!

Here’s a handy guide to printing your own table cards and invitation inserts:

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Why you shouldn’t use a wedding hashtag #

Social media has become one of the most popular ways to share special moments in our lives, and your wedding day is no exception. It’s not surprising that using Instagram wedding hashtag are on the up, and you might think that they are the only way to collect all your guest’s photos in one place, but there’s so much that could go wrong with a wedding hashtag!

You can’t control what gets shared with a wedding hashtag

Giving your guests free reign by sharing their snapshots at your wedding could be a risky business. Yes, your guests are likely to share lovely photos of your first dance, or you walking down the aisle to your wedding hashtag, but as the night goes on, there might be some less-than-flattering images popping up on your feed. With Scripin Weddings you can set up privacy controls, and delete and unflattering images you don’t want the world to save!

Your wedding photos will be public

Anyone who follows your guests on Instagram will be able to share in your special day and see your wedding photos. Some brides want to save the surprise of their dress for their evening guests, or for their own social media feeds; but when your guests share pre-emptively, that surprise is ruined. Scripin Weddings only shares your photos to anyone logged into the app with your unique event code – so you can control who sees your photos!

Your Wedding Hashtag might not be uniquely yours

It’s really difficult to come up with a unique wedding hashtag that no one has used before. There’s no guarantee that your wedding hashtag feed won’t get clogged up with other content from people not at your wedding. You don’t want to have to sift through to find your guests photos, as it takes all the ease out of getting your guests photos in one place. Scripin Weddings gives you a unique six-digit code, which is created purely for your wedding.

You’ll have bad quality photos

Instagram is made for mobile viewing only. Which means if you want to download or print your wedding photos, the quality and size are going to be poor and small. If you or your guests want the photos to be printed to create long-lasting memories, you’ll lose out on image quality. Scripin Weddings stores your guest’s photos in print-ready quality, meaning that you’ll be able to download and print your images without that blurry, pixilated effect.

You might not see all the photos

Your guests might not want to flood their Instagram feeds with ALL the images they take only our big day, so as not to annoy their followers. While using an Instagram hashtag might mean you see a few nice photos from your guests, you won’t see every image they’ve taken. Scripin Weddings makes it easy to upload from camera roll, both during and after the wedding so you can see all the photos in one place!

DIY Wedding Ideas

There’s no question that your wedding day is going to be one of the most expensive days of your life. From venues to the dress, there’s a lot to budget for and buy. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now at an all-time high, at a whopping £27k!

A good way to save a chunk of your wedding expenses is to go DIY. The do-it-yourself trend has soared in popularity over the past few years as wedding prices have gone up and up. Now 80% of couples expect to have some kind of DIY element in their big day, according to a survey by Bridebox. 

There are tons of aspects of your wedding you can choose to do-it-yourself. Pinterest and wedding blogs are a great source of inspiration. One of the most popular aspects of your wedding to DIY is your wedding décor and table decorations – we’ve rounded up some of our favourite DIY wedding projects to help you save money on your big day.

DIY Wedding Lettered Banners

A fun way to add a touch of personalisation to your wedding décor is a lettered banner. You can use this DIY wedding project to spell out anything that takes your fancy! We love the glittered effect, and you can mix this up by using different colour glitter or plain paint to match your wedding colour scheme and theme.

Get the full tutorial here

DIY Wedding Glow Jars

Looking for a super simple DIY to add a romantic touch to your wedding day? All you need is some LED lights and some mason jars to bring some beautiful lighting to your wedding tables. This is also a great DIY wedding idea for outdoor weddings, as it will light up your venue as the sun goes down.

Grab the how-to here

DIY Wedding Gold Painted Balloons

Add a touch of luxe to some simple store-bought balloons by adding some metallic paint. Gold paint can transform a balloon into a stylish addition to your table centrepieces or venue decoration. Remember to keep them away from anything sharp!

Has this DIY wedding idea blown you away? Find out how-to here

DIY Wedding Scrabble

Board Game connoisseurs will love this DIY wedding idea. You can buy scrabble letters cheap online from craft sites, and use them to create unique and cute place settings. The prize goes to the person whose name has the highest word score!

Find out more here

DIY Wedding Floral Chandelier

Time for the showstopper. If you want a dramatic floral arrangement at your wedding, but can’t afford the prices of your florist, you can DIY a beautiful floral chandelier. This one will take a little more patience and skill, but the results are well worth the effort.

Find out more here

Scripin Weddings Table Cards and Invitation Inserts

The easiest way to add an element of DIY to your wedding is to print items where possible. A massive 57% of couples choose to print aspects like their menu cards, invitations and place settings at home. Scripin Weddings offers stylish table cards and invitation inserts that are available for unlimited printing at home from just £9.99. They contain all the information that your guests need to start using Scripin Weddings to help you get all your guests’ photos in one place – stress-free!

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Have we convinced you to try the DIY wedding trend? Head over to our Pinterest for more inspiration, and don’t forget to tag #scripinweddings in your creations so we can see!