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The #1 Wedding Photo & Video Sharing App

App Features

 Scripin Weddings is free for everyone to use. Take a look at the endless features you and your guests can enjoy.

Get personal

Customise your app with your chosen colour scheme and select your sharing settings.

Get everyone involved

Invite your guests via Whatsapp, text or email. Get them to download the app to start sharing photos.

Snap as much as you can

There’s no limit to how many photos and videos your guests can upload, so keep the candids coming.

Safety first

Your wedding photos are for your eyes only. That’s why they’re protected by a unique 6-digit code.

Show off your photos

This one’s cool. Connect your device to a screen at your venue to create a slideshow of your photos.

Keep the unscripted moments forever

Every memory is stored in your personal album for you to download whenever you want.