Wedding Photo Sharing Apps for beginners

Are you looking to use a Wedding Photo Sharing App at your wedding?

Look no further, we have the low down on why you should use Scripin Weddings at your wedding!

First of all Scripin Weddings is the UK’s #1 Wedding Photo and Video App, we have helped make thousands of weddings even more memorable this year alone! So let’s take a look at why you should use the Scripin Weddings App;

We are FREE!its' free icon with confetti background

And not in that, you can do some things but if you want to download your photos and videos then you have to pay free, we are totally FREE! You can create your app for free, your guests can use it for free and you can download your content for free!


Privacy settings iconPrivacy

We know that sometimes you just want to have a hold on what people are posting  about your wedding. Our app ensures that you can contain and make your wedding photos private to only the people you invite. Ensuring leakage is kept to a minimum.


Unlimited photos and videos iconPhotos, Photos and even more Photos

One feature we have worked really hard to nail is the ability for you and guests to upload or take as many photos and videos as possible, and we mean every! You can take photos and videos in the app, upload from your camera roll, or direct from the camera to the app without being on the app. You want to share your photos after the wedding, sure that’s cool too


Want to make sure all your guests download the app? We have some great ways to make sure they do! You can invite your friends, family and guests direct from the app by pressing the share icon on the main screen. Message, whatsapp or email them and they will get all the info they need to get the app.

How about a personalised email? Got that too, on your online account select invite guests choose the email invitation option and your own text to the email template and sent it to your guests when your ready


You can test the app before you sign up – see all the cool features and get a good feel for the app

Download the Scripin Weddings app – just click on the icons below, enter the code 111 111 and play away…

                       Apple App Store


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