I went to a friend’s wedding and realised that nearly everyone was taking photos and videos on their phones, but no one was sharing them, which meant the bride and groom were missing out on some awesome wedding moments!

If it was my wedding I would want to I see as many of my wedding guest’s photos and videos as possible. So how could we make the bride and grooms life even easier? We didn’t want them chasing people after their wedding for them, or having to trawl through endless social media feeds to screen shot them either.

So creating an app that captured all of those amazing fun and informal photos in one place seemed to be a great idea. The idea has obviously evolved from that early stage. I am proud to say that now we have an app that allows the excitement and memories of any event to be shared collaboratively with your friends and family.

The process to get from the first idea to what it is now has been eventful; it’s had its ups and its downs, but we have come through together to produce the very first live version of Scripin and I couldn’t be happier with how it has gone.

I would like to thank Punkyduck for helping develop the app, my Dad for being the compass, knowledge and leadership I needed and will continue to need. Friends and family for the positivity in believing in me.

Thank you all,

Co-Founder – Jack Rogers

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