How to take the best selfie

Wedding season is is fast approaching, so we wanna ensure that all those fantastic smartphone photos can be the best they can be. Follow this step by step guide to ensure you get the perfect selfie.


1. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BEST ANGLE – Phone positioning is key! Make sure you can fit everyone in, and try a few from a high angle, then switch it up. Most importantly have fun with it!

2. LIGHTING – No one likes a dark selfie! Make sure you the flash is turned on so you can get the perfect dance floor selfie.

3. USE A FILTER  Filters are a game changer! Tweak your wedding selfie in whatever you want, black and white maybe – throwing it back old school style. The idea is to make it yours!

4. MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN! -Make silly faces, enjoy it! Don’t get too hung up on the ‘perfect’ selfie.

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