Scrapped roaming charges is good news for your Wedding

Roaming charges are the thing of the past, this is great news if your having your wedding abroad

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms and now with the European Union scrapping roaming charges it could have just got a whole lot easier.

A recent survey has revealed that marrying in warmer climates can actually save you money. The average wedding in England can top £24,000 however weddings abroad generally cost under £10,000.

One thing that had previously been a stumbling block for some was the extortionate charges that people had to pay to use their phones. Now you can use your phone as if you were back home! This is great because we know your guests are going to be snapping away on their phones, but what happens to those great photos? This is where we can come in…

It’s the perfect opportunity to use the Scripin Weddings app, all of your closest family and friends, beautiful place, the setting is perfect to make the most of Scripin to capture all of those fun and informal photos and videos which are all in one place. Ensuring you get the complete picture!

Even the family and friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding will be able to feel like they are right there sitting on the beach witnessing all the fun, using the unique six-digit code to gain access to the album.

You can download all the photos and videos that were taken at your wedding the very next day as many times as you like.

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