Forget disposable cameras!

Bringing tech into the wedding industry…

There used to be a time when couples would put disposable cameras on everyone’s table so they could get as many fun and informal snaps as possible.

After the wedding was over you would try and find all of the disposables cameras you had put out on every table, take them to the film processors and wait for each one to developed. The end results tended to be mixed to say the least, blurred and out of focus and with some disposable cameras having only 25 shots, you might have ended up with nothing at all.

Now there is a much more efficient and tech friendly way to do this; Scripin.

Having experienced first hand how people use their mobile phones at weddings, we know that around 20% of photos and videos taken at weddings are actually seen by the bride or groom.

Scripin allows all of your guests to take photos on the app and share them to the same album during the wedding. The app and website are linked so you can then go to your wedding page and view the album and download them to your computer so you have your memories saved forever.

You could compare such apps to wedding hashtags. However, by using apps like Scripin all of your photos are stored straight away in one place rather than having to search for the photos as you would with a hashtag. After searching your hashtag you would then have to save each image at a time – time consuming.

Using a photo sharing app is a much more efficient, enjoyable and reliant way of having all of your pictures in one place which are available to view throughout the duration of the big day and for years after.

1 thought on “Forget disposable cameras!

  1. This is so true, I remember going to weddings when I was younger and people always had disposable cameras but now they seem like a thing of the past. I think Scripin sounds like the ideal modern alternative considering I reckon that 95% of my friends have a smartphone but asking people to upload all their photos to social media can be such a pain (and most can’t be bothered!) but this eliminates that prob!

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