Don’t Get fomo at your own wedding!

It’s your wedding so don’t miss out on those fun & informal photos. Don’t get fomo at your own wedding!!

When it comes to photography at weddings there a multiple options to choose from, usually the couple will hire a photographer.

This is great for shots of the bride and groom, bride with her bridesmaids, groom with his groomsmen, the more formal photos. But when it comes to the fun and casual photos that only really a guest at the wedding can capture there isn’t that many options, or so you think.

If you have been a bride I’m sure you know that it is very important to you to see as many photos as possible of your wedding day as it is so special.

There are cases of some couples not seeing some photos until two years after the big day. A friend has had them on their phone and forgotten about them only to realise two years later that there was a whole load of forgotten photos.

Using the Scripin app you are able to store all of these joyous, yet relaxed photos in one place. It is a guarantee that by downloading Scripin for your wedding you will get to see every single photo that is taken at your wedding, even if it is Uncle Dave dancing.

So, what are you waiting for…. Get started today!

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