Share your love… Live
with Scripin Weddings Live Streaming

If some of your nearest and dearest can’t be with you on your special day, they can now with
Scripin Weddings Live Streaming.

With the Scripin Weddings app, you can now live stream your wedding exclusively to a private,
invited audience, wherever they are, so they can still enjoy and share in your special celebrations.

It’s quick and easy to use, with a single fixed price. So friends and family who can’t be with you
can now see your special day as it happens. Now you really can Share Your Love…Live!

How it works


You can purchase the Live Streaming service either when you create your event or at a later time from your Dashboard. It costs £99.99 for 90 minutes of live streaming. You will be automatically be sent a Service Confirmation email with all the necessary information.


You can invite who you want to see the Live Stream. They will need to download the Scripin Weddings app, sign-in and then to view the Live Stream enter the password, which is in the Service Confirmation email and is also on your Dashboard. There is a maximum of 25 log-ins at any one time.

Get streaming

To start your Live Stream sign-in to the Scripin Weddings app (using the Couple button) and press Go Live when you’re ready. You could nominate someone to film for you or mount the phone on a tripod. You can Pause and Re-Start whenever you want.


Download a complete video of your Live Stream, so you can cherish the memories forever!


Simple and easy to use.

Fixed single price £99.99

90 minutes of streaming for up to 25 log-ins.

Start, Pause and Re-start the live stream across your day.

Film holding a phone or mount it on a tripod.

Guests can share their love by adding live likes and comments

Download the complete live stream after your wedding

Mirror the live stream from the phone to a Smart TV, so more people can Share your love.*

* Needs casting device e.g. Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Amazon Firestick