It may seem a lot to take in, but we feel our FAQ’s will answer any question’s you might have!

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Can anyone see my wedding images?

Depending on the privacy settings you have chosen, only guests who have been given/seen the code can have access to view the images. If you have chosen to have social media sharing on then your guests are able to share photos taken on the app to their social media accounts.

Can guests keep their own photos and videos?

Scripin Weddings gives you the option to allow your guests to keep their own photos and videos. If you want to keep your wedding totally private you can toggle that off when creating your event.

Can you upload photos from a PC to the Wedding Event?

At present, we do not have a direct way of uploading photos/videos from a PC to the event (on web). The best way to get the photos from your PC to the app is to email/text/wetransfer them to your smartphone. Once they are on your smartphone you can then upload them to the app using the upload from camera roll/gallery functionality. If you have any further questions around this,  please get in touch hello@scripin.com, we’d love to hear from you.

Can you use Scripin Weddings Abroad?

Scripin Weddings works anywhere in the world. When you create your personalised wedding app you decide the location of where you are getting married, ensuring your app will start at the right time.

Can you use Scripin Weddings for multiple events?

Yes, Scripin Weddings can be used for Hen/Stag/bridal shower/honeymoons/christenings and birthday parties. You can create as many events as you like!

Do we need Wi-Fi?

No, although Wi-Fi is great, the app will work on a network connection.

Do you provide screens as well?

We do not provide screens as part of our service, many venues do have their own LED/LCD TV screens that can be used.

Does Scripin Weddings work on Android and iPhone?

Scripin Weddings works on Android phones with operating system 4.2 and up. It also works on iPhone’s operating system 11.0 and later (7.0).

Does the app log you out?

Once you have logged in, the app will never log you out.

Free? Yes, really!

Scripin Weddings is free to use! We do have some fantastic wedding stationery that we believe is the best way to get your guests to download the app!  We believe that our printed products are the best and most competitive around (we are partnered with a very well known printing company) and that after using the app, printing with us will be an obvious choice.

How do I download the images and videos from my wedding app?

Simply log into your Scripin Weddings account and then press the Download Album button on your account Home Page.

How do my guests save photos from the app?

If your hosts have allowed social sharing in their privacy settings you can save images from the app easily, by clicking the ‘share’ option, and saving to your device. You can share to your favourite social media platforms too!

How does Scripin Weddings get guests to download the app?

We have a number of ways to help encourage guests to download the app:

1. You can email invite all your guests – they will receive an email with your unique 6-digit code and download links as well as instructions
2. You can also invite guests via a shared link. Send the link out to your guests via WhatsApp or text – it includes the download link and 6-digit code.
3. You can download printable table cards that can be placed on tables around your wedding venue. These have all the information that guests would need to download and use the app
4. Our photo-stream really helps get people involved and using the app.

How long does my personalised Scripin Weddings app last for?

The app is open ended – you can let us know when your done and we can close your app and or account.

How long will I have all the photos and videos taken on my Wedding day stored for me?

As long as you have an account with Scripin Weddings, all your photos and videos will be stored with us until you want to delete your account. You can download them as many times as you like.

How many photos and videos can be taken/uploaded on the app?

Unlimited photos and videos can be taken or uploaded to the app.

If I delete the app will all the photos and videos still be on the app?

If you delete the app, all the photos and videos taken will still be there if you decide to re-download.

Is there 24hr support?

You can contact us by email/phone and we aim to respond within the hour.

We already have a photographer so why do we need Scripin Weddings?

One of the great things about Scripin Weddings is that we do not want to take away anything from your professional photographer. The app simply helps build a bigger picture of your day and adds memories through the photos and videos that your guests will be taking on their smartphones.

What do my guests need to do?

All your guests need to do is download your personalised wedding app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store – enter your unique 6-digit code and then start taking their photos and videos once the big day has begun. It’s really that easy!

Who owns the rights to the photos and videos taken at my wedding?

The person who creates the event owns the rights to the photos and videos – see our terms and conditions for further details.

Why is this better than a hashtag or a free photo-sharing app?

Scripin Weddings means that you won’t share a hashtag with anyone else, rely on people to spell the hashtag right and ultimately you will be able to download all the photos and videos taken rather than just look at them. Our platform offers more than just photo-sharing – you can print, have a live photo-stream of what’s going on shown on screens around the venue, video sharing and have your own personalised and private wedding app.

Why should we use Scripin Weddings?

We know that smartphones have become the go to way to capture everything, and at weddings it’s no different. Scripin Weddings captures 100% of your guest’s fun and informal photos and videos taken at your wedding. Ensuring that you get the complete picture, so you don’t have to ask your guests to send them or share them after your wedding. Don’t get FOMO at your own wedding.

Scripin Weddings

Setting Up

Can I change my wedding apps details?

Once you have created and confirmed your event you will only be able to change the colour of the app up until the start date. If you would like to change any other details, you can get in touch with us via email hello@scripin.com or call us on 020 3051 6784

Can I create multiple events?

Yes, you can. Once you have created your account with Scripin Weddings you can create as many events as you like. Every event you create will be added to ‘Your Events’ screen.

Can I delete anyone’s photos and videos?

As a customer, you can choose to report any content, which can then be deleted by logging into your account and deleting the image/video. This will remove it from the app and the slideshow. You can delete your own content in the app by pressing the bin icon, when you are view an image.

Can I remove a guest?

We offer you the ability to block and or remove a guest. To block a guest, go to the guest’s section, select the guest you wish to block and press the block button. You can also unblock. You can also remove a guest by following the same instructions, except press delete. Removing will ensure this person cannot log back into the app. Their photos and videos are still stored and won’t be deleted. You can delete them your selves if you want all remnants of them gone.

Can people access the app if they are unable to make my wedding?

Yes, if you have friends and family members who are unable to attend the wedding they can log into the app if you give them your unique 6-digit access code.

How do I invite my wedding guests?

To invite your guests, make sure you are logged into your account, select the guest’s header at the top, press the add guests button and begin to add your guests with their email addresses. You can then send them a personalised email that will have all the apps details and the links to download the Scripin Weddings App. You can also share a link, to WhatsApp or Social media, that will have the all the details to download the Scripin Weddings App and the 6 digit code.

How do I setup my Scripin Weddings App?

If you want to setup your wedding app, press the create app button on the homepage. Then create your account, after that you will be able to start creating your event!

How to Order Print at Home table cards?

Simply log into your account on scripinweddings.com. Click on your event. Go to Print Shop on your Home Screen. Choose the product you would like to order, the print at home option has a print icon on it. Once you have selected the product, and have ordered it. There is a download PDF button for you to then download the template you have ordered.

I have set up my event – what do I do next?

Once you have created your event, the next would be to invite your guests. You can invite them via the guest’s section. You can use email addresses of your guests. Then you can send out an email that has the info your guests will need to use the app. We also have a great selection of Printed Products that will make it even easier for you and your guests to use the app. Please visit the Print Shop on your account to view what we have on offer.

What happens when I remove a guest?

Removing will ensure this person cannot log back into the app. Their photos and videos are still stored and won’t be deleted. You can delete them your selves if you want all remnants of them gone.

What if I don’t know all my wedding guest’s information?

If you haven’t sent out all your wedding invitations yet, you can always add your apps details to that. Alternatively, the downloadable printable table cards can be put on tables around the venue with the information.

Will I be able to see who has been invited and signed up?

Yes, you can see all the people you have invited either by email or by sms.


Photo Streaming

Can I create my own slideshow?

Yes, you can. When you are in your account head to the Slideshow section and press the plus button. You will then be asked to name your Slideshow. Once that is completed you can then choose the settings you would like.

How do I make sure we don’t get any dodgy photos/videos in the slideshow?

We have a couple of ways of making sure of this. You can assign a moderator who can delete the images you don’t want to see on the slideshow either on the app or via your account on your laptop. You can also manually create slideshows and add the images only you want to appear.

How does the slideshow work?

Once you have logged into your Scripin Weddings account, head towards the Slideshows section – this is where you can create, moderate and output either a manually managed slideshow or the auto play slideshow. The auto play is what we would recommend as it automatically takes the images that have been taken on the app and puts them into a photo-stream for you. To play the slideshow simply select the slideshow and then press GO LIVE. Make sure the laptop is connected to the LCD/LED TV screen or projector via the HDMI cable.

Is there an auto play feature?

We have an awesome bit of technology that means you can plug in and play and all the photos and videos taken at your wedding can be streamed onto screens around the venue. Our bit of tech means that once 10 photos have been taken on the app a Slideshow is created that will automatically top itself up with everyone’s photos and videos.

What do I need to set up the slideshow?

To set up the slideshow you will need a laptop, an HDMI cable and a LED/LCD TV screen or a projector. For set up details, see this PDF