Why you shouldn’t use a wedding hashtag #

Social media has become one of the most popular ways to share special moments in our lives, and your wedding day is no exception. It’s not surprising that using Instagram wedding hashtag are on the up, and you might think that they are the only way to collect all your guest’s photos in one place, but there’s so much that could go wrong with a wedding hashtag!

You can’t control what gets shared with a wedding hashtag

Giving your guests free reign by sharing their snapshots at your wedding could be a risky business. Yes, your guests are likely to share lovely photos of your first dance, or you walking down the aisle to your wedding hashtag, but as the night goes on, there might be some less-than-flattering images popping up on your feed. With Scripin Weddings you can set up privacy controls, and delete and unflattering images you don’t want the world to save!

Your wedding photos will be public

Anyone who follows your guests on Instagram will be able to share in your special day and see your wedding photos. Some brides want to save the surprise of their dress for their evening guests, or for their own social media feeds; but when your guests share pre-emptively, that surprise is ruined. Scripin Weddings only shares your photos to anyone logged into the app with your unique event code – so you can control who sees your photos!

Your Wedding Hashtag might not be uniquely yours

It’s really difficult to come up with a unique wedding hashtag that no one has used before. There’s no guarantee that your wedding hashtag feed won’t get clogged up with other content from people not at your wedding. You don’t want to have to sift through to find your guests photos, as it takes all the ease out of getting your guests photos in one place. Scripin Weddings gives you a unique six-digit code, which is created purely for your wedding.

You’ll have bad quality photos

Instagram is made for mobile viewing only. Which means if you want to download or print your wedding photos, the quality and size are going to be poor and small. If you or your guests want the photos to be printed to create long-lasting memories, you’ll lose out on image quality. Scripin Weddings stores your guest’s photos in print-ready quality, meaning that you’ll be able to download and print your images without that blurry, pixilated effect.

You might not see all the photos

Your guests might not want to flood their Instagram feeds with ALL the images they take only our big day, so as not to annoy their followers. While using an Instagram hashtag might mean you see a few nice photos from your guests, you won’t see every image they’ve taken. Scripin Weddings makes it easy to upload from camera roll, both during and after the wedding so you can see all the photos in one place!

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