Photo-booths have been a staple of many weddings over the last few years, but these are now making way for more inclusive and immersive tech – as brides and grooms want to ensure their guests can play a more interactive part in their wedding and have a more expansive photographic record of the day – not just the official photography – but the real, fun and informal stuff!

Social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and bespoke websites are examples of this where guests post photos with or more often than not without the requested hashtag. If they don’t then they exist on a whole number of different feeds.

So this has led to new a challenge facing brides which is How can I make sure I see ALL of the photos taken by each of my guests during my wedding and not just 10% of them?

Luckily new tech has recently become available that solves this problem and embraces the immersive experience that today’s bride and grooms desire. Scripin is an unique event platform. Guests download the Scripin app for free, enter the unique code for that wedding and start taking photos and videos of the day. Everyone’s photos can be viewed, liked, commented on or shared in the app’s Event View Feed. The Scripin Event web-module then automatically creates these into photo-streams which are output on screens around the wedding venue. So within seconds of taking a photo it will appear super-sized on the screens.

So Scripin checks all the boxes – its fun, interactive, immersive and at the end of the day the bride has a complete library of every single photo taken which they can view, download and keep for ever!

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