Wedding Food Options

When it comes to the subject of food at your wedding it can definitely become a heated conversation. Do you have the full sit-down three course feast? Do you just have canapés? Do you just have a cake?

Personally, food is my favourite thing in the world – the more the merrier. When it comes to your wedding I believe that what food you have and how you have it very much depends on you and your wedding.

For an afternoon wedding people often go for canapés at the reception followed by the cake. For an evening wedding then it is normally followed by a big dinner. Personally, being greedy as I am, I think a mixture of the two is best.

Canapés followed by dinner is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Why? Well, following your wedding ceremony the guests are often hungry but it may be too early to sit down for supper. Despite this, drinks are normally handed round and your guests will get stuck in.

This can have two effects – firstly, alcohol can stir a real hunger and guests will want something to nibble before they sit down for supper (sometimes two hours later). Secondly, we all have friends who, without food, find that the alcohol goes straight to their heads. Whether it is to suppress hunger or to minimise the risk of people getting drunk canapés are an all-round winner.

When the time comes for either your lunch or dinner then I think that two courses followed by a slice of cake is the best way forward. I went to a wedding in Italy where we were spoilt with two hours of non-stop canapés followed by a SIX course supper. Whilst this suited me down to the ground, it was a lot of food and many guests had lost their appetite after the first course.

Normally I find people want to eat, have a good chat with whoever is next to them, tuck into a slice of cake, and then crack on with the evening’s activities.

As I said at the start of this post, food at your wedding is a very personal thing. I am not saying that a mixture of canapés and sit down meal is the best and only way, but for me it is what I prefer. Below I have made some suggestions for canapés, starters and main courses. (The list has been checked by my sister who is a professional caterer) …



  1. Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef and horseradish
  2. Goats cheese and caramelised onion in puff pastry (v)
  3. Spring rolls (duck, pork or vegetarian)
  4. Honey and mustard sausages
  5. Smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls (v)
  6. Smoked mackerel pâté on crackers
  7. Scotch quail’s eggs
  8. Potato skins and sour cream dip (v)


Starters/First Course

  1. Thai Fish Cakes
  2. Duck Pancakes
  3. Goat’s Cheese tartlet
  4. Smoked Salmon on seeded bread with crushed black pepper
  5. Chicken liver Pâté and toasted Sourdough
  6. Asian Duck salad
  7. Gazpacho (v)
  8. Asparagus, poached egg and hollandaise
  9. Tomato, mozzarella and avocado (v)


Main Course

  1. Roasted Stuffed Pepper (v)
  2. Southern Fried Chicken and Chips
  3. Slow cooked belly of Pork
  4. Pan roasted Cod
  5. Grilled Fillet Mignon
  6. Pea and Mushroom Risotto (v)
  7. Grilled Chicken Skewers
  8. Hamburgers
  9. Roast Duck Breast

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