Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

A wedding day beauty emergency is the worst nightmare of any bride to be. Your wedding day is the day you’ll want to look your absolute best. But beauty disasters can strike at any time, and your wedding day is no exception. To prepare you for any eventuality, here’s the top 5 beauty emergencies brides-to-be worry about, and how to fix them.

Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #1: Puffy Eyes

Whether it’s caused by hay fever and allergies, or you’ve had a case of the happy tears, no bride wants puffy eyes on her wedding day. A quick way to fix this to raid your kitchen for two teaspoons. Pop them in the freezer until they’re cold, then hold them to your eyelids. The cold temperature helps to drain fluid from around your eyes, to reduce puffiness.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #2: Breakouts

The first rule of breakouts – don’t pick, squeeze or touch! It will only make your skin look worse, and it will be harder to cover up with makeup. The best way to hide a monster spot on your wedding day? Ice it to reduce swelling and redness, apply some acne treatment cream, and use a waterproof concealer to hide it.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #3: Running Mascara

Even the best waterproof mascara can fail at the worst of times. If you discover black streaks on your cheeks halfway through your big day, simply get a paper towel and wipe it lightly under your eyes, and cover with foundation.


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #4: Breaking a nail

A chipped or broken nail is the last thing you want on your wedding day! Carefully use a nail file to file down the broken nail without removing your nail varnish. If all else fails – hide your nail behind your flowers during the photographs!


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency #5: Dark Circles

No one wants to look like they need a few extra hours sleep on their wedding day! Dark circles can make us look exhausted, so if you wake up with panda eyes, use a brightening eye cream that uses caffeine to wake up your skin, and blend a waterproof concealer under your eyes to cover the darkness.

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