Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Valentine’s day is perhaps one of the most romantic times of the year, and more and more couples are incorporating Valentine’s Day wedding ideas into their big day. After all, with everyone feeling the love, what better time to have your wedding?

Valentine’s Day dates as far back to the year 496, although it wasn’t until the 18th century that it became synonymous with cards, gifts and tokens of love. Now, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe as a day to celebrate all kinds of love – the perfect theme to incorporate into your wedding day.

Here are our top ideas for a Valentine’s Day wedding:


Red roses are the de-facto florals for Valentine’s Day, and using these in your bridal bouquet and floral centrepieces will have your guests swooning. Pink hues are a great alternative if you want to nod towards the holiday in a subtler way,


Chocolates, candy and all things sugar coated – you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without indulging in your sweet tooth. We love the idea of a sweet or chocolate station. Think love hearts and chocolate coated strawberries, alongside pink champagne and pink lemonade. As for the cake? Red Velvet, obviously.


Dressing your bridesmaids in dusty pinks is a beautifully on-trend way to show a little Valentine’s appreciation for your wedding. If you’re feeling bold, why not choose bright red bridesmaid’s dresses to contrast to your white gown?


Valentine’s Day means hearts are everywhere and your wedding venue doesn’t have to be an exception. Embrace the day of love with heart-shaped balloons and banners. We love the idea of using pages from your favourite love story to create paper garlands!

However you choose to incorporate these Valentine’s Day wedding ideas into your day, we’d love to see your photos! Use #ScripinWeddings to share with us. Head to our forums to get more inspiration and to discuss your ideas with other real brides!

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  1. Your decor idea is really unique, simple thing but looks very different and nice. I think that I gonna apply those ideas to my brother’s wedding. Thanks for your tips.

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