Unique ways to display your wedding photos

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life – and the photos from your wedding allow you to look back on that special moment and relive the memories. A wedding is one of the occasions where everyone will be snapping away and taking photographs, and it’s a shame to not display all those happy memories in your home. It’s so easy to let those photos get lost in the digital world, and only keep them on our phones or on social media. There’s a ton of ways you can display wedding photos in your home, that are a little more unique than the standard framed print. Here’ sour top ways to display your wedding photos in your home

Mason Jar Photos

A different way to display wedding photos is by using mason jars. They’re a simple and easy way to create beautiful decorations using your wedding photos. Simply use photo prints and put them inside mason jars, and decorate with led lights and florals. You can order photo prints straight from the Scripin Weddings app.

Photo Shapes

Create an eye-catching photo display using photo prints or polaroid images. You can arrange your photos into different shapes and patterns, such as hearts, stars, squares and circles. This a great solution to display a number of photos in an interesting way.

Photos on rope

For a DIY feel, make your own photo lines by hanging rope and attaching your photo prints to them. You can make this more interesting by attaching fairy lights, and also keepsakes from your wedding such as your invitations or order of ceremonies.


For a conversation starter, a photo book is a great way to display wedding photos. You can create your own photo book from your favourite images in the Scripin Weddings app, to tell a story of the moments on your wedding day.

Gallery Wall

Want a statement to display wedding photos in your home? Gallery walls are increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to take traditional framed images and make them modern. You can create a large gallery of images or just choose a small area of your home to display your photos.

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