UK Wedding Licence laws to change

A huge overhaul of some seriously outdated wedding licence laws could make it cheaper for you to get married!

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in his 2019 budget that marriage laws that have been unchanged since 1086 are due a shake-up, meaning the choice of venues you can legally get married in could be expanding rapidly.

These changes will allow more pubs, restaurants and open-air venues to host weddings. This could mean serious savings for budget-conscious brides, as cheaper venues would be allowed to host their weddings.

Under new laws, the process of applying for a wedding license will be a lot easier. Currently, venues have to have a specific room available for ceremonies, and no alcohol can be sold or consumed one hour before the wedding begins – which has deterred venues like bars and pubs to apply for a license to host weddings. Current laws also prohibit temporary structures, like outdoor marquees to host weddings legally too.

This has meant that couples looking for an outdoor wedding, or a wedding in an unlicensed venue would then have to get legally married on a separate occasion – bringing the cost of their dream wedding up.

With the average wedding costing around £32,273, this is sure to be welcome news to those looking to save costs at their wedding! Take a look at our wedding budgeting tips to help you get started.

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