Should you hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is probably part of every girl’s dream. We’ve already sorted out our dress and venue by age 7, and we’ve pinned hundreds of boards on Pinterest before we’re even engaged!

So why the need to hire a wedding planner?

In reality, there’s none!

But the stresses of planning and ensuring the quality of one of the most important days of your life’s perfect definitely calls for professional help!

Contrary to most beliefs, Wedding planners aren’t as expensive as you think. In many cases, they’ll be able to get discounts from suppliers ensuring you get the best price possible. Likewise, you’ll be certain each supplier is professional and has been vetted out!

So is a wedding planner right for you?

1.Can you take calls during the day at work, meet with vendors, and discuss wedding details from the office? 

2.Are you great at negotiating and strict with budgeting?

3.Are you deadline-oriented? 

4.Will you have someone on hand for your entire wedding?

5.Have your friends and family volunteered to help with the wedding planning?

6.Are you usually a very punctual person who writes and follows schedules well?

7.Do you want be running around on your big day making sure everything is going ok?

8.Can you come up with creative and unique ideas?

If you’ve answered no to at least two of these questions then we’d definitely recommend you consider hiring a wedding planner. Most consultations are free so you can really get a feel of whats on offer before making any commitments.  

There are a variety of platforms you can find a wedding planner on, for example, and

We recommend using luxury wedding planner Sotonye Deru of company SD Weddings MGT. You can catch Sotonye on our Instagram channel Wednesday 25th April answering your questions about planning a wedding! Comment below with your questions and Sotonye will answer them.

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