Refer A Friend

We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure all the joyful moments and unique style of your wedding are captured in full through the photos and videos taken by your guests.

So, to help spread the love we would like to offer you a 25% discount on our printed Photobooks. All you have to do is tell your soon to be married and engaged friends about the Scripin Weddings app.

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You create your Scripin Weddings event and invite all your engaged or soon to be married friends to create their own Scripin Weddings event using a unique referral code.

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You can send this to as many people as you want via Email, Text or WhatsApp.

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When 3 or more of your friends have created their events using the code, you will be automatically be sent an email with a discount code to use to purchase a photobook from the Print Shop in the app.

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You can check the status of how many friends have used the code in your dashboard.

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Your invited friend clicks on the link and is taken to where they create their own event using the code you sent to them.

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Each referee who has used the code can then download a free ‘print at home’ personalise Table Card – telling their guests about Scripin Weddings.

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They can then refer as many as their own friends as they like, so they can get their own discount on a photobook.