Photo Editing Apps

If you’re taking photos at a wedding, you’ll want them to be the best possible quality possible. Luckily, we now all carry a handy camera combined with the latest photo editing software available – yes we’re talking about your smartphone. There’s a whole host of photo editing apps out there to help your wedding snapshots look the best they possibly can. Here are our top five photo editing apps to improve your wedding photos


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps that’s perfect for basic photo editing. There’s a vast selection of basic editing tools you’d expect like exposure, cropping and colour; but you can also airbrush out flaws or unwanted objects from your photos or create your own filters to name a few of this app’s more advanced features.


VSCO’s main draw is that it offers a vast amount of filters that make your photos look like they’ve been taken on film. This can be great for giving your wedding photo’s that vintage look. You can control the strength of the filters so if you’re just looking for a subtle effect, this is achievable

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 stands out due to it’s advanced features. If you know your way around a photo editing app already, this is the one for you. You can change curves, selective colour, gradients and blends for a more advanced photo editing experience.

Adobe Lightroom CC

If you know your way around Adobe products, then Adobe Lightroom is the app for you. It’s great for both quick edits and more advanced features like colour mix and curves. You can also sync up to Adobe Creative Cloud to track your edits across your devices.

Scripin Weddings

You didn’t think we wouldn’t include Scripin Weddings in this list, did you? Our app not only collects all your guests’  photos in one place, but it also lets you edit your photos before uploading. You can make basic photo edits, but also play around with filters and add fun stickers to your images.

Once you’ve edited all the amazing photographs from your wedding, why not show them off to the world? Scripin Weddings offers a great range of printed products in app – simply upload your photographs and design your personalised products.

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