How to invite guests to Scripin Weddings

If you’ve set up your Scripin Weddings event, you might be wondering invite guests to Scripin Weddings, download the app to make sure you’re getting all the photos from your wedding day! It can be a hassle to invite guests to use Scripin individually, and hope that they remember to download and use the app. And after all, you need your guests to use the app in order for you to see all their fun photos from your wedding day! We’ve got a range of quick and easy ways for you to invite your guests to use Scripin weddings, from stylish wedding stationery, to email invites.

  1. Scripin Weddings Stationary

Blue table setting with scripin weddings table card back side, plates, cutlery and glasses

By far the easiest way to invite guests to Scripin Weddings is to use our Table Cards and Invitation Inserts. You can choose from a range of designs, pre-filled with all the information your guests need to download and use your wedding app.

2. Email Invites

If you know their email address, you can invite guests to Scripin Weddings by uploading their email addresses. They’ll get an automated email straight away letting them know you want them to download the app, including links and your unique six digit event code.

3. Invite guests to Scripin Weddings in the app

Finally, if you get to the wedding and you want to quickly invite guests to Scripin Weddings, you can invite them in-app! Simply click the ‘add user’ button on the top left of the screen, and choose from each way you want to invite your guests.


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