Tech Wedding Trends for 2018!

In recent years, wedding tech has advanced somewhat and we’re seeing pioneering businesses lead the way with innovative new ideas on how to make the wedding experience, even more, WOW for next-gen couples!

This is largely in response to millennial couples expecting tech to play a big part in their wedding day (as well as in the planning and research phase of their wedding journey) now more than ever before.

Photo apps will become the norm!

We’re seeing more couples choosing to use photo sharing apps for their wedding day in addition to (not instead of) a professional photographer.

Photo apps like Scripin, mean that guests can be actively involved in the happy couple’s wedding day -taking photos and videos, sharing them with all the other guests in one simple and easy to use app, that you can download after your wedding so you get the complete picture!

If you are using Bridebook already to plan your wedding, you can

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