Do you need a bridesmaid?


Choosing who you want your bridesmaids to be can be one of the most stressful things about planning a wedding. But do you really need bridesmaids?

It’s a traditional aspect of every wedding, but if you simply can’t choose between your friends, or you’re simply considering not having any bridesmaids, here are five reasons why that might be the way to go:


  1. Decisions, Decisions

If you have a large group of friends you might be finding it hard to choose a smaller number for your bridesmaid squad without causing any arguments, or you might not be able to choose at all, meaning you could be dealing with a massive group of bridesmaids to manage!


  1. Added Costs

Everything in your wedding day will add up, and bridesmaid’s costs are no exception. You may feel obligated to pay for their dresses, as well as hair and makeup for the day. If you’re planning a budget-friendly wedding, no bridesmaids could be the way to go


  1. Too many opinions

Having your best mates around on your wedding day can be a great experience – or a total nightmare! Choosing dresses, organizing hen parties and everything else can be stressful when you’re trying to keep a group of bridesmaids with 100 different ideas happy. To save the drama of the group WhatsApp chat arguments, consider just focusing on yourself!



  1. You don’t want a traditional wedding

If you’re doing away with other classic wedding traditions, such as traditional vows and being given away, why not shake off the tradition of a bridal party?


  1. You want your friends to have fun

Perhaps your no.1 priority is that your besties don’t feel the pressure. By having no bridesmaids, you can let them sit back and enjoy your wedding day, without any big responsibilities.


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