4 Tips to choose your honeymoon destination

Choose your honeymoon destination with our helpful list

Once you’ve got your wedding planning sorted, your mind will inevitably travel to your honeymoon destination. There are so many places to choose from when planning your honeymoon, from white sand beaches to bustling cities. It can be overwhelming to choose a destination, so here’s our four to choose your honeymoon destination and help you in narrowing down that wish list to create the honeymoon of your dreams.

  1. Narrow the list down to two

Sit down with your partner and list each of your favourite destination sites. Pick one from each of your lists to research further. It’s so much easier to compare destinations if you have just two or three to choose from, rather than a long list. This will help you choose your honeymoon destination.

  1. Set your budget

Don’t set yourself up for heartache by falling in love with a destination that’s out of your budget. Remember it’s your honeymoon so it’s always better to over budget and have funds left over for the little extras, than spending too much and having to be frugal on your honeymoon. Be realistic about your budget when you sit down to choose your honeymoon destination and only look at places you know you can afford.

  1. Weather

Think about the weather for the time of year you’re going away, and have a look at local forecasts to predict the trends. You don’t want to get stuck in  the rainy season when you’ve dreamed of a sunny beach getaway!

  1. Think about holiday allowances

If you’re thinking about a long haul holiday or a road trip, make sure you can get the time away from work to enjoy your honeymoon, instead of trying to pack everything into a short space of time.

Before you get your heart set on a destination, and especially before you book, talk to your workplace about how much time you’re going to need away from your desk.

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