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Can a member of Scripin be present at my Wedding?

If you would like to discuss a member of Scripin being present at your wedding, please call 020 3051 6784.

Can Guests keep their own photos and videos?

Scripin Weddings gives you the option to allow your guests to keep their own photos and videos. If you want to keep your Wedding totally private you can toggle that off when creating your event.

Can I create multiple events on different days? One for my engagement drinks and then my wedding reception?

Yes you can! Give us a call on 020 3051 6784

Can I delete photos and videos on the app?

Yes you can delete any photos or videos you do not like, from your online dashboard. You can delete your own photos and videos by pressing the bin icon.

Can you print from the app?

You can not print direct from the app, you can print from your online account. If you go to the library section, you can select an image to print. To print make sure you are connected to a printer and have the right printing paper you would like to use.

Can you upload photos from your camera roll?

No, we don’t allow camera roll uploads. We want to ensure you only get Wedding related photos and videos, and not any others.

Do I need WiFi?

No, although Wifi is great, it will work on a network connection.

Do you provide screens as well?

We do not provide screens as part of our service, many venues do have their own LED/LCD TV screens that can be used.

How does the app work?

The app is fun and easy to use. Once you have entered your events 6 digit code and email address you will come to the feed screen. Here you can see everyone’s photos and videos taken from the event. To take a photo or video press the plus button at the bottom of the screen. If you are happy with the photo or video press ‘LOVE IT’ to add it to the feed screen. You can create your own profile by pressing the profile icon in the top left of the feed screen. You can add your name, take a profile picture and see your own videos and photos that you have taken, giving you a snapshot of your perspective.

How long can I access my photos on my account for after my wedding?

You can access your wedding photos and videos in your online account at for up 12 months.

How long does the Wedding package last for?

Licences last for 1-6 days – make sure when you are creating your event you select the right amount of days your event will last for. The maximum number of days available is 6. The price is based on a 24hr period. Multiple days will be priced accordingly.

What am I paying for?

Scripin Weddings is packed with great features and value; 1. Your own online dashboard where you can access all the photos and videos, invite your guests and download your printable PDF table cards. 2. Use Scripin Weddings for multiple events. Use it for your engagement AND you wedding reception. 3. Choose the privacy settings you want. Make it as private or as public as you want. 4. Unlimited Guests. 5. Unlimited photos and videos – no limit on downloads either. 6. Your own Wedding website. 7. Choice of colours to match your wedding theme. 8. Optional photo-stream, see your photos and videos on screens around the venue. 9. We have NO ADS. 10. We have a one fixed cost pricing system, ensuring you don’t get stung with add ons.

What are the quality of the images like?

We do not compress your photos and videos like Facebook or Whatsapp and are the same quality of that of your smartphone camera. The quality of the images are of course dependent on the smartphone used.

What do my guests get?

Your guests download your personalised app from the Apple App Store or Google App Store. Enter your 6 digit code, start taking photos and videos at your wedding. It’s that easy!

What is Scripin Weddings?

Scripin Weddings is a photo and video service that ensures that the bride and grooms get to see all the fun and informal photos and videos taken at their wedding, in one place! Guests download your personalised Scripin App for free, from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, that you create at Your guests take their photos and videos on the app, everyone can see everyone else’s photos and videos. After your wedding finishes the bride and groom can download all the photos and videos as many times as you like. We store all your photos and videos for up to 12 months.

What type of payment system do you use?

We use a secure payment service called Stripe – none of your details are stored by Ruud Enterprise Ltd.